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Spot on! “ErrorPort” by @mgsiegler https://t.co/C5WS7tIMpM

@themenubar @zcichy @andrewjclark You guys should dig into Chinese metaphysics, a lot of answers to your questions where already there a long time ago 😉

@themenubar @zcichy @andrewjclark You should really check out what was really roman concrete… because what we have now (portland concrete) is way inferior to roman concrete. Only in the last years investigation has been done through analysing it and trying to replicate.

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“Siri on Apple TV now understands Portuguese in Brazil.” Hey @apple you do know where the Portuguese language comes from, right? Still waiting for Siri’s @AppleTV to work in Portugal!

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@daringfireball Yes! Just use OpenEmu + Tetris (original arcade rom)!

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if you have a MacBook Pro that keeps crashing for no reason, take a look at this: https://t.co/H7M4Qhlv1W
Now @apple when are you going to fix this? Really, when? It has been going on for years now for a lot of people!

“Good design is as little design as possible.” Dieter Rams