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My new project: “Falling Water” @esmad_pporto @profotoglobal

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Just in time @apple! https://t.co/9qEOgCL2l6

Hey @apple nice #ipads… now, where are the new #imacs? Some people need to do some serious work you now? It’s been 651 days since the last update!

@leonelmartins Imagine if they move the lightning port to the front. And allow it to be not only a wireless (bluetooth) but also a wired mouse. That would be great design.

AirDrop sucks!

Hey #apple looks like is time to wake up and start making things happen! Looking forward to the iPad OS, MacPro (finally), a real MacBookPro (with several useful ports and thick enough to run fast without thermal limitations) and high quality software, pro and prosumer!

@AdobeCare Sure, just release your CC suite of apps in a drag & drop installer (without messing MacOS) and I’ll be happy. In the meantime I’ll stick with CS on an old iMac and just use @affinitybyserif software on my MacBookPro (my main machine).

Hey @apple why can’t I open web location files in my iPad (on the Files app)? And why can’t I save them via Safari on the iPad as well? What year are we?

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Fishing nets need to be fixed frequently, they are very expensive and fishermen depend on them. #fujifilmxpt #fujifilmxworld_pt #fujifilmxpro2 #fujinon23mm

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When will @Adobe gives a simple drag & drop installation without messing with MacOS! Trying to stop piracy at the expense of users and usability doesn’t work! In fact it doesn’t stop people from stealing your software, but makes the life of paying users misarable.

No sardines to fish, but there is still work to do. #fujifilmxpt #fujifilmxworld_pt #fujifilmxpro2

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