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Category: Design

Flat-pack MADI houses can be assembled in six hours

Font or Typeface?

“What do these terms mean anyway? The most simple explanation is: a typeface is what you see, a font is what you use. Both refer to a “set of letters (or symbols to put it more broadly) with a specific style”, but the term typeface puts the focus on the artistic work, whereas font points to the actual tool to arrrange and print or display text using a design with a specific style.”

Here’s Why Juicero’s Press is So Expensive

Very interesting article on the Juicero’s Press hardware. I wonder if it was Apple designing it. Would it be much different?

“Learn as much about our culture as you possibly can, by reading, by traveling, by involving yourself in things that go on. But don’t become an artist. Don’t think, “I’ll do it intuitively.” You have to learn if not to code at least to appreciate code, to understand code. Because code is what nuts and bolts were a hundred years ago.
If you don’t know anything about mechanics, you can’t survive in this world. If you don’t know anything about how a computer works or code works, as a communicator, which is what a designer is — the interface between machines and man, that’s what we are. We are the interface, we interpret what the machine says into visible language. If you don’t understand how the machine works, you’re going to be laughed out of the room by the engineering guys, because you can’t communicate with them.” Erik Spiekermann

iOS 9 keyborad


Why it took so much time to get here? Nobody knows exactly. It’s one of those things Apple.

I suspect it had to do with the typeface. Now that they have developed San Francisco they are more comfortable having the keyboard in lowercase… it sure looks nicer than Helvetica Neue.