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Category: Technology

Handmade in Sweden

Flat-pack MADI houses can be assembled in six hours


The F-14 Tomcat was my favorite fighter jet when i was a kid and was into all kinds of millitary stuff. This was in my opinion the best fighter jet ever, if not, the coolest. The Tomcat was displayed in several movies including Top Gun.

Arturia MiniLab MKII 25

I’ve bought, as my own Christmas present, an Arturia MiniLab MKII 25 on Amazon, arriving next week!

It will be great for the upcoming video soundtracks i’ll be doing for FTF.

New firmware update for Fuji X-Pro2

Fujifilm keeps updating the X-Pro2, and that’s great! My camera just got a huge video update, now it can shoot 4K video, i currentlly don’t need it but it’s good to have it for a future use scenario.

I havent’s install it because i’m spending christmas away from home, but when i get back i’ll definitlly install it. Looking foward to the new autofocus system!

Will update this topic soon…

Steve Jobs’ custom Apple I

The Apple I, you may or may not remember, wasn’t much of a hit. Only 200 were made — by hand — and it wasn’t long before the company put its hopes in the Apple II, which would go on to be more popular by far. One of the Is, however, Jobs kept in his office as a demo machine for industry people.

When Jobs left in 1985 he left in a hurry, and this I was left behind on a shelf. Don Hutmacher, one of the company’s first employees, grabbed it and it stayed in his possession until he passed away last year. His wife generously allowed the museum to take care of it, and you can imagine their gratitude.

The team had their suspicious, but a tag inside the metal chassis — and the fact that it had a chassis at all, since Apple Is came just as boards — suggested it was more than a rare Apple I; it was the rarest. It’s signed “BF,” which would have been employee number one, Bill Fernandez. This was definitely, the team decided, Jobs’ custom machine.

Because the Apple I didn’t have a ROM, and Jobs didn’t want to have to program it from scratch any time someone wanted to see it in action, he had a custom EPROM attached to it that initialized the computer with BASIC when it started up. Its RAM, the engineering team suspects, was also augmented so it didn’t run out and crash during the demo.

Here’s Why Juicero’s Press is So Expensive

Very interesting article on the Juicero’s Press hardware. I wonder if it was Apple designing it. Would it be much different?

Animated Bézier Curves

Cool interactive animations.

Augmented future


“Give me a fucking break. They’re not “heartbroken” because their users are upset. They’re in damage-control mode because they were operating under the radar and now they’ve been revealed, very publicly, as the shitbags that they are. If you’ve signed up for Unroll.me, delete your account. They make money by selling your purchase receipts to the highest bidder. That’s their business.” — Daring Fireball

How Fujifilm’s cameras and lenses are Made in Japan

Goodbye, Android